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5 Million

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of all websites use PHP

1 million

web servers are built using PHP

240 million

applications and websites are built using PHP

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5 Reasons To Be PHP Certified

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PHP developers get paid 30% more on average

Over 200 PHP developers have been certified through Rynet Malaysia

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What Is A Zend PHP Certification?

The Zend Certified PHP Engineer program is created and monitored by an independent advisory board whose members contribute heavily to PHP and Zend Framework open source projects. It is the gold standard to test technical knowledge and skills needed in today’s job market.

Did you know that Zend Certified Engineers:

Connect With PHP Leaders Through Listing In The Zend Certified Engineer Directory?
Get Better Job Opportunities In The Zend Certified Engineer LinkedIn Group?
Get Discounts On ZendCon (The Global PHP Conference)?
Can Use The Zend Certified Engineer Logo In Their Resume, LinkedIn And Business Card?

Set A Benchmark

How do you measure of your experience in the world of PHP? A Zend PHP Certification is a globally recognized standard certification to benchmark and validate PHP expertise.

For employers, it aims at creating a measure of distinction that you can use to evaluate prospective employees. For employees, the certification immediately sets you apart, setting you a class above the rest.

For Employers

Raise and standardize a high level of expertise in your PHP development teams
Implement industry best practices in your PHP development organization
Maximize team productivity and increase performance
Present your customers and partners with a professional image
Present your customers and partners with a professional image
Get competitive advantages
Get to use the ``We Employ`` logo

For Employees

Get the attention from recruiters
Get recognition from your employer for promotions and raises
Connect with PHP community leaders through the Zend Certified Engineer Directory
Get referred to for job opportunities by participating in the ZCE group on LinkedIn
Get discounted ZendCon passes (the global PHP conference)
Use the Zend Certified Engineer logo for your resume, CV, LinkedIn page or business cards

What People Say

How real people feel about our trainings

Mohd Rizuwan Bin Sa’ar @ Idris, JPA Malaysia

"Saya akan mengesyorkan RYNET kepada Komuniti PHP kerana ianya satu-satunya syarikat tunggal di Malaysia yang sah untuk melatih programmer mahir dalam PHP dan juga mempunyai pelatih yang berpengalaman untuk mengajar PHP dengan lebih jelas bukan sekadar teori, tetapi juga secara praktikal try and error..."

Rahman Bin Md Yasim, JPA Malaysia

"It feels great to be one of the 15,000 elite ZEND certified PHP Engineers in the world. I feel honored that being in the Malaysian government entity myself, there are not many programmers who has taken this certification program and to be a pioneer, it's a gift.."

Barry Hughes, Freshly Baked Websites

"It's a fantastic test and just preparing for it is a great experience in reacquainting (or just plain acquainting) oneself with many aspects of the language."

Jeremy Coates, Managing Director, Magma Digital

"The ZCE certification ensures that our clients and prospects have access to first-class software development as standard, whilst allowing Magma Digital Ltd to fulfil our quality assurance programme. We like to support and encourage our developers to continue in professional and personal development by undertaking the ZCE exam."

Ricard Clau, PHP Developer and ZCE

Since I got the certification, I have received interviews in some of the biggest PHP based companies in Barcelona and I now have job as a developer in one of the big online shops, so all the study was really worth it!

Dmitry Karpovich, CEO, Oxagile

"The ZCE Certification demonstrates that the development team keeps in step with the latest PHP technology. And it helps to show our customers and prospects that we have highly qualified PHP developers where it matters most of all - their critical project."

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