Mohd Tajul Asri

Senior Web & Mobile Trainer

Mohd Tajul Asri is a passionate software developer, he achieved his programming skills by learning it through hardship and working experiences. Even though he has finished his study in Mechanical Engineering, he managed to pursue his dream to become a successful Software Developer. He has been certified by COMPTIA in COMPTIA A+ and MDEC in Android Mobile Security.

Within 6 years of involvement in Software Development Industry, Tajul has master in various of programming language such as PHP, Phyton, Nodejs, Vanilla JS and Dart. He also expert in implementing software framework in his software development project. He regularly using Laravel, Flask, ExpressJS, NestJS, Angular and Vue for his web development project. For mobile development, he is familiar with React Native, Ionic and Flutter. He also excellent in utilizing database tools such as MySQL and SQL (PostgreSQL). Other than those skills, he also masters in utilizing REST API, Unit Testing, Version Control (Git) and Unix. He accumulates those skills through his inquisitive traits and passionate to be a successful Software Developer.

Not like other common programmer, Tajul believe in order to achieve the software reliability, maintainability and scalability he need to become a pragmatic programmer himself. Thus, he studies and implementing Object-Oriented Programming and Design Pattern in his every software development project. However, his enthusiasm doesn’t stop only on upskilling himself, he also conducting multiple of training session such as Laravel and Flutter. He believes in order to improve himself is by teaching everyone who has passion in learning new software development technology. Moreover, in order to produce the best programmer, he believes that he need to cultivate them by following the best practice guidelines. During his training, he also able to solved various of software development problem and correcting the most mistake that have been made by common programmer. He also believes that only someone who has experienced as a programmer is the best teacher for the fellow programmer itself.

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