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  • Expressive 1.0.0 STABLE Released!

    The Zend Framework team has just released Expressive 1.0.0 STABLE! Expressive is a PSR-7 middleware microframework, built for speed and flexibility. Use it to build APIs and websites, from small to large! You can read more about the release on the Zend Framework blog; the [..]

  • Expressive 1.0.0rc5 Released!

    The Zend Framework team has just released Expressive 1.0.0rc5, featuring: Several new documentation recipes New middleware for parsing the request body into parameters An upgrade to Pimple v3 Read the full announcement, including details on installation and/or [..]

  • Expressive 1.0.0RC4 Released!

    The Zend Framework team has just released Expressive 1.0.0rc4, featuring: Fixes to registration of the UrlHelper. A minor update to the default source structure to encourage modularity. Minor configuration bugfixes and improvements. Expanded documentation. Read the full announcement, [..]

  • Expressive 1.0.0rc3 Released!

    The Zend Framework team has just released Expressive 1.0.0rc3, featuring: More componentization; the router and template subcomponents are now in their own packages! Helpers and utility classes for creating URIs. The ability to create route-specific middleware pipelines. Multiple templating improvements. Read the [..]

  • Dockerizing PHP 7 with Zend Server

    PHP 7 is out, and to help you join the revolution we’ve updated our official PHP/Zend Server container on Docker to allow you to set up the latest PHP 7 stack (GA) using the Zend Server PHP 7 technology preview in just a few minutes. This tech preview gives you the safest and most comprehensive PHP 7 stack out there with...

  • Viva la PHP 7 Revolución!

    What a year 2015 has proven to be for PHP. Drupal 8, Magento 2, Symfony 3 and the icing on top of the cake – PHP 7! It’s hard not to be excited about PHP 7. It’s so much more than just another major PHP release, and the long buildup and the buzz surrounding this release are far from [..]

  • Z-Ray Technology Preview Released!

    I’m happy to announce the availability of a new version of the Z-Ray Technology Preview! This new version includes new features, extended platform support, installation improvements and bug fixes. Platform Support Following your feedback, and as part of our ongoing effort of making Z-Ray available for as many PHP developers as possible, Z-Ray can now be installed on [..]

  • Announcing Expressive 1.0.0RC1!

    Today, we are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the first release candidate of Expressive, a PSR-7 middleware microframework. Expressive allows you to write PSR-7 middleware applications for the web. PSR-7 is a standard defining HTTP message interfaces; these are the incoming request and outgoing response for your application. By using PSR-7, we [..]

  • Announcing Expressive

    We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of a new project, Expressive! Expressive allows you to write PSR-7 middleware applications for the web. It is a simple micro-framework built on top of Stratigility, providing: Dynamic routing Dependency injection via container-interop Templating Error Handling Installation and Quick Start Expressive [..]

  • Introducing Z-Ray on Azure

    This article introduces a new and cool way to develop PHP in the cloud, with Z-Ray on Microsoft Azure. You’ve probably already heard of Z-Ray, but just in case you haven’t – here’s a short recap. Z-Ray is an advanced debugging and productivity tool for PHP developers that provides info on what’s going on under the [..]


  • "Saya akan mengesyorkan RYNET kepada Komuniti PHP kerana ianya satu-satunya syarikat tunggal di Malaysia yang sah untuk melatih programmer mahir dalam PHP dan juga mempunyai pelatih yang berpengalaman untuk mengajar PHP dengan lebih jelas bukan sekadar teori, tetapi juga secara praktikal try and error..."

  • "It feels great to be one of the 15,000 elite ZEND certified PHP Engineers in the world. I feel honored that being in the Malaysian government entity myself, there are not many programmers who has taken this certification program and to be a pioneer, it's a gift.."

  • "It's a fantastic test and just preparing for it is a great experience in reacquainting (or just plain acquainting) oneself with many aspects of the language."

    Barry Hughes, Freshly Baked Websites
  • "The ZCE certification ensures that our clients and prospects have access to first-class software development as standard, whilst allowing Magma Digital Ltd to fulfil our quality assurance programme. We like to support and encourage our developers to continue in professional and personal development by undertaking the ZCE exam."  

    Jeremy Coates, Managing Director, Magma Digital
  • Since I got the certification, I have received interviews in some of the biggest PHP based companies in Barcelona and I now have job as a developer in one of the big online shops, so all the study was really worth it!

    Ricard Clau, PHP Developer and ZCE
  •  The ZCE Certification demonstrates that the development team keeps in step with the latest PHP technology. And it helps to show our customers and prospects that we have highly qualified PHP developers where it matters most of all - their critical project

    Dmitry Karpovich, CEO, Oxagile

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