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  • Thanks to Colin O’Dell PHP 7.1 is just a copy ‘n paste away

    I know that everyone has already upgraded all their servers to PHP 7.1. However, on the off chance that you decided to spend the weekend away from a computer and are now wondering how you can catch up, here is a handy quick start guide for you. My friend Colin O’Dell (ZCE, SCD, MCD) has written up a very concise...

  • PHP 7.1 has been released! ????

    Progress marches on, and that goes for the most popular language on the web as well. In PHP’s case though, progress seems to be jogging along at a good clip. Exactly one year to the day when PHP 7.0 was released, the Core has given us another gift, PHP 7.1! A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to PHP... [..]

  • Just (PHP)Chunk It!

    Pumpkin Chunking air cannons. YES! AIR CANNONS THAT SHOOT PUMPKINS!Grown men and women gather every fall to see how far they can heave a pumpkin. This post has [..]

  • Eric Mann reinvents the PHP Session with Sessionz

    Things that end in “Z” instead of “S” are cool, right? Let’s hope so because Eric Mann has released a new project that looks pretty cool. Click on in and I’ll explain. While it is not exactly middleware, Eric Mann’s new project Sessionz is “middleware inspired”. Eric recently released Sessionz and announced it on his blog [..]

  • Cal rants about paying the price for Open Source

    Those that know me know that my writings online have migrated from tutorials on PHP to “Old Man Rants” about PHP, Open Source, and Tech in general. (I say migrated, other say degraded…whatever) Recently I went on a rant about Open Source for SitePoint. Yes, I am self promotion my own writing here, deal with it. This topic is important....

  • It’s stats o’clock! PHP Version Stats for 2016

    Jordi Boggiano, Composer maintainer and all around nice guy, has posted his annual - well 2016 is more than annual - PHP Version stats post. There are some interesting tidbits and pretty charts for you to look at. Click on in and I'll give you the url. Yea, it's gonna cost [..]

  • Scheduling ElePHPants (DateTime math is HARD)

    It was while I was creating the 100th or so cronjob to do some very similar to the other 99 that I thought, “Hey! Why not just put all this in a database and check it once a minute instead?” I mean c’mon, working with MySQL is soooooo much easier than working with cron. Besides, a lot of these jobs...

  • Questioning Interview Questions

    “How would you update 10,000 servers located on the moon?” This was actually the question asked of me when I interviewed with Google. I’m not sure if the point was to figure out exactly what methods would work, or just to make the interviewer feel smugly superior. Either way, I hate these kind of pointless questions. [..]

  • A Reverse Debugger for PHP…wait…WHAT?

    Honestly, when I originally tweeted this out I really wasn’t 100% sure what it did. You never know when you see things like “reverse debugger”. It’s one of those “I understand the words separately…” type of things. Then I watched the short video. HO-LY CRAP! Seriously, it is exactly what it says, it allows you to [..]

  • “PHP 7 is pretty rad!” – Tumblr

    So the Tumblr Engineering team upgraded to PHP 7 recently. I think it went well. :) They posted about their experience on their Engineering team’s blog, PHP 7 at Tumblr. Recently, in a cross-team effort, we upgraded our full web server fleet from PHP 5 to PHP 7. The whole upgrade was a fun project with some very cool [..]


  • "Saya akan mengesyorkan RYNET kepada Komuniti PHP kerana ianya satu-satunya syarikat tunggal di Malaysia yang sah untuk melatih programmer mahir dalam PHP dan juga mempunyai pelatih yang berpengalaman untuk mengajar PHP dengan lebih jelas bukan sekadar teori, tetapi juga secara praktikal try and error..."

  • "It feels great to be one of the 15,000 elite ZEND certified PHP Engineers in the world. I feel honored that being in the Malaysian government entity myself, there are not many programmers who has taken this certification program and to be a pioneer, it's a gift.."

  • "It's a fantastic test and just preparing for it is a great experience in reacquainting (or just plain acquainting) oneself with many aspects of the language."

    Barry Hughes, Freshly Baked Websites
  • "The ZCE certification ensures that our clients and prospects have access to first-class software development as standard, whilst allowing Magma Digital Ltd to fulfil our quality assurance programme. We like to support and encourage our developers to continue in professional and personal development by undertaking the ZCE exam."  

    Jeremy Coates, Managing Director, Magma Digital
  • Since I got the certification, I have received interviews in some of the biggest PHP based companies in Barcelona and I now have job as a developer in one of the big online shops, so all the study was really worth it!

    Ricard Clau, PHP Developer and ZCE
  •  The ZCE Certification demonstrates that the development team keeps in step with the latest PHP technology. And it helps to show our customers and prospects that we have highly qualified PHP developers where it matters most of all - their critical project

    Dmitry Karpovich, CEO, Oxagile

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